At Sourced Business Solutions we strive to remain a lean and highly responsive company that is dedicated to you and all of your specific business needs. This outlook naturally brought us to adopt the cheetah as our organization's symbol.

We provide Lean Six Sigma courses and consultant services. Our goal is to equip our customers with the ability to use their new knowledge and tools immediately in order to achieve desired outcomes within their organization.


  • A dedicated team of professionals focused on you and your company's needs
  • Free no-obligation discussions about your business requirements
  • Flexible course content that is aligned specifically to your needs
  • Fee arrangements agreed in advance
  • Personal care and attention through all business engagements
  • ​Engaging courses and instructors
  • Free mailing of your training materials to your home or business after course completion
  • Local weekend and after-work hours course availability for those lacking their own time flexibility
  • Student and corporate discounting

    Ready to Register?
    Contact us for pricing options, available discounts and tailored courses.


    Belt System
    Lean Six Sigma utilizes a belt-system as seen below to indicate a certain level of training and knowledge. The belt-system can be seen as a ladder or building block method of obtaining the requisite knowledge found in using and implementing Lean Six System as a continuous process improvement methodology.
    • White Belt
    • Yellow Belt
    • Green Belt
    • Black Belt
    • Master Black Belt
    • Champion


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